Club History

The Brandon Retriever Club was formed in the late 1950s. None of the original members are still alive. It was incorporated on April the 27th, 1964. Club officers at the time were Glen Sutherland, President, Archie Robins, Secretary and Rudy Stritz, Treasurer.
The first piece of property, known as grounds number 1, was purchased on Sept. 14, 1964. It consists mainly of water. The second piece of property, known as grounds number 2, consisting of both land and water was purchased Nov. 14th, 1975 with the third piece of property, known as grounds number 3, consisting of land only, being purchased Jan. 17th, 1984. In 1988 Feed Rite and the family of Archie Robins erected a clubhouse on grounds number 3 in memory of Archie. This is now referred to as Archie’s Place. Members have worked diligently throughout the years to develop the properties into excellent dog training facilities.
Brandon Retriever Club has been fortunate to have many National Champions emerge from our membership.  The first NFTCH FC AFC Pelican Lake Petey Two, owned by Cec Leech won the National in 1975 and again in 1981. In 1993 Gunther Rahnefeld’s dog NFTCH AFTCH Call Me Mister Independence won the National. In 1996 NFTCH FTCH Raindancers Dryland Drifter owned by Joe Leptick won the National on the Brandon grounds.  Harry Loyens’ dog NFTCH Rainbow Mollie won in 1999. We also boast three National Amateur Field Trial Champions, 1995 NAFTCH FTCH FC AFC Gunstock’s Caramel Crunch owned by Pat Fitzpatrick, 1997 NAFTCH FTCH Raindancers Lonesome Dove owned by Joe Leptick and 2005 NAFTCH FTCH FC AFC He’s Czar Nicholas owned by Norm Elder. We are also home to one American National Champion NFC FTCH AFTCH Yankee Independence owned by Gunther Rahnefeld. Brandon Retriever Club has also been home to a number of other great dogs who although they never won a National have been outstanding in their careers.
The Brandon Retriever Club has been privileged to host Nationals on our grounds in 1968, 1976, 1988, 1996 and 2000. We hosted our first Amateur National in 2008.
The Brandon Retriever Club has a membership of approximately 60 members, some of whom are active field trial participants.  The club has hosted an annual licensed trial for over 50 years and currently runs two licensed field trials per year and if interest is sufficient, one hunt test per year.